Physician Burnout: A Discussion About Motivation

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Like other cardiologists, I am also in a context prone to burnout.

I am aware that there is no definitive solution, but I have found a motivation that shields me from succumbing to exhaustion, and I would like to share my experience.

In my last newsletter, which I highly recommend you read, I discussed the extrinsic and intrinsic motivations of healthcare professionals and teams.

The system has been built to mitigate burnout through extrinsic motivations, such as salary bonuses, when, in fact, what can truly protect us from constant exposure to burnout is a commitment to patient care.

We are pressured to see an ever-increasing volume of patients, being distanced from the care journey.

I am proposing that we return to what matters: connecting with the real impact we make in each patient’s life.

We can be highly technical but also passionate about what we do.

Furthermore, the formation of patient-centered teams is a pillar on our path to overcoming burnout. It’s not just about productivity; it’s about ensuring the quality of care we would want for our family members.

My main focus is that the formation of healthcare teams should be centered on standardizing care and outcomes data collection. In addition to what I mentioned, I have achieved exponential results in quality and reduced the chances of burnout.

It is essential to maintain human connections in healthcare and rekindle the passion for this profession. In addition, we need to explore how teamwork and the relentless pursuit of quality excellence can help us overcome these challenges together. We need to explore strategies to revive and sustain the motivation of healthcare professionals.

Jose Osorio, MD

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