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Catheter Ablation For AFib

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Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA)

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The Afib Clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of AF. It is one of the most comprehensive Afib programs in the United States. Its team of nationally known electrophysiologists, skilled technicians, nurse practitioners and nurses collaborate closely to provide a full range of services and personalized care in state-of-the-art facilities.

As a center of excellence, dozens of doctors and nurses from all over the US and other countries have visited our hospital to observe Afib ablation procedures. Our EPs have also been a part of many clinical trials with the goal of advancing our knowledge in the treatment of Afib.


The mission of the Atrial Fibrillation Clinic is to:

Improve the lives of patients with Afib by providing personalized, comprehensive care while advancing our knowledge via research and clinical trials

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