Improving Success Rates for Afib Ablation by Building a Learning Collaborative – Dr Jose Osorio

Afib Ablation

Measuring and Improving Afib Ablation Success Rates

Quality improvement and collaboration with electrophysiologists have been an essential part of my professional journey. It has also become the highlight of my career.

A few years ago, fueled by a desire to collaborate with other physicians across the country and armed with a decade of experience in outcomes data collection, I founded a company called Heart Rhythm Clinical and Research Solutions. HRCRS focuses on building a network of like-minded Physicians and arming them with the tools and processes to collect patient outcomes. Together we collect data on how patients are doing during the procedures and find ways to learn from each other.

This network has continued to grow and we’re over 100 physicians in the country and now in other countries as well using similar processes to collect data. This large quality improvement Network functions as a learning collaborative, giving Physicians the chance to share data and learn from each other, ultimately improving the care they’re delivering to their patients.

Dr Jose Osorio
Miami, FL


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