Blood Thinners (Anticoagulant)

These medications are used to decrease your risk of blood clots and strokes. All of these medications increase your risk of bleeding and precautions must be taken.


Also known as Coumadin. People with a mechanical heart valve or people with certain blood-clotting disorders are often prescribed this medication. Foods containing high levels of vitamin K may lower the blood thinning level. For this reason, periodic blood testing is needed to monitor the Coumadin dosing.

Dietary Consideration:

  • Be consistent in your intake of high-vitamin K foods. Don’t eat a lot of vitamin K-rich foods one day, and then none the next day.
  • Most dark, leafy green vegitables are high in vitamin K. Other= foods and oils are high in vitamin K as well.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol. If you drink alcohol and don’t want to quit, be consistently moderate in your intake. One drink a day for women and one or two drinks a day for men is considered moderate.
  • Avoid certain supplements and herbal products.

Special Consideration: Coumadin is taken once a day in the evening. Dose may be adjusted in attempt to keep the blood (INR level) between 2- 3. The specific INR level will be determined by your health care provider.

Common Dose: It varies and depends on the INR level. From 1mg -10mg or higher.

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